Blackboard Updates for Spring 2018

Blackboard was updated at the end of  December.  Some of the changes that you will see in your Blackboard  site are:

New Inline Editor – This new inline editor from box allows you to comment and highlight text but does not have drawing tools. For more information please see our updated page and the Blackboard Support site for steps on how to grade in the new editor. If you need more advanced editing tools for papers your students can submit their work in a google doc or you can download papers and use track changes in Microsoft word.

Campus Pack Blogs, Journals and Wikis have been phased out of Blackboard. We have created a new page with the different activities that faculty used the blogs, wikis and journals for and have given different alternatives that can be used for the activities.  

LaunchPad by Macmillian – If you are using a Macmillian text in your class we have connected Blackboard to Macmillian’s Launchpad service to help with importing resources and assessments from Macmillian.

Start of Semester Blackboard Checklist (Updated 1/19/18)

Every course at Stony Brook has a Blackboard course and your students are automatically added (and removed if they drop) for you.

By default, your course is available.  If you do not wish to use Blackboard this semester, please make your course unavailable and let your students know that you so that they do not think something is wrong with their Blackboard account.

If you would like to use Blackboard please:

And …

  • Every Blackboard Course has a built in Virtual Meeting room  (Labelled SB Connect Room)…You can use this room to conduct office hours and provide guest lectures.  The online meetings can be recorded. .