My name is Sonali Bahl. I am an undergraduate student at Stony Brook University,
001with a major in biochemistry and a minor in writing.

You may wonder why I have chosen this combination of courses to study. The truth is that I have an active mind, a mind with a tendency to analyze. In studying both the biological sciences and modes of communication, I look to develop into a professional with the ability to not only understand theoretical information, but also to practically apply the theory and convey the results with my peers.

As a writing minor, I have had the opportunity to communicate with other students and professionals around the world through “tweeting” and blogging. Using social media, and that too, to engage in intellectual discussions, has pushed me far out of my comfort zone, but I have grown from the experience. I can now inform others, share ideas, and learn from others through an online conversation.

In the process of learning about and using social media for professional purposes, I have developed a stronger understanding about the ideas that I communicate. In explaining such ideas, I must first know the details of the scenario before I can effectively inform others. I believe that this ability will be applicable to the professional setting where it is necessary to know the information at hand and have the power to communicate with other professionals to effectively complete the present task.

In my blogfolio, I hope to share similar realizations and experiences, as well as my reflections, as I work towards growing both as an individual and as a professional. You may download my resume here as well:
Sonali Bahl resume