Honors College

My research towards my Honors College thesis.

My research towards my Honors College thesis.

The Honors College, an entity of Stony Brook University, is comprised of many outstanding students who are selected upon acceptance to the university. As members, we follow a separate curriculum with a liberal arts focus that is separate from our major curricula. The benefit of these smaller classes is that students of different backgrounds and interests have the opportunity to interact over a common class that can cover the arts, sciences, humanities, or current events, for example. The strong sense of community allows us to form strong relationships, through which we can share experiences and support one another. In addition to strengthening the bonds among the selected students, the Honors College strives to support students to continue to achieve academic success. In our senior year, we present a thesis based on our research-based experience or creative pursuit during our time in the university. By the end of the Honors College program, we are more confident and well-rounded. We have the ability to discuss matters in both intellectual and social contexts.

Sigma Beta Honor Society

Sigma Beta Honor Society is an organization unique to Stony Brook University. As members, we are involved in a variety of community service activities, from visiting nursing homes to preparing “flower pens” for fundraisers. One of our motivating factors is the satisfaction we experience in working with others to ease them of their troubles and concerns.

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

The Stony Brook University chapter of National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) engages its members to raise awareness of several issues among the campus community. We encourage the acceptance of diversity through performance-based events such as “Stand Up for Community” and organize charity events such as “Autumn Ecstasy” to collect donations for select organizations around the world. I have been elected Secretary/STAR Status Coordinator for 2014-2015 school year and look forward to contributing more to the success of our events.

Golden Key International Honour Society

The Stony Brook University chapter of Golden Key works with the community through events. One of the most widely-recognized events is the English Pal Program, in which native English speakers pair with international students to help them improve their English-speaking skills. I have been involved in this program for four semesters and have learned about other students’ cultures as I worked with them while they were acclimating themselves to a new environment.

National Residence Hall Honorary

The Stony Brook University chapter of National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) focuses on four elements in designing its events: scholastics, recognition, service, and leadership. In this way, NRHH members are able to reach out to and engage students and university officials alike in a variety of programs on campus.