Technical Skills:

  • Microsoft Word – preparation of research proposals, lab reports, and technical papers
  • Microsoft Excel – statistical analysis and presentation of data in tables and graphs
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – preparation of lecture-based presentations, development of research posters
  • Microsoft Publisher – development of advertisements and notices

Languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish

Study Abroad Program in Konstanz, Germany

In Summer 2014, I will begin to study the German language and culture at Universität Konstanz. I have an interest in learning different languages and in exploring the influences of cultures on regions and behaviors. I believe that studying abroad is an excellent opportunity to immerse myself and communicate with individuals of backgrounds unlike my own.


Many of my hobbies give me the opportunity to pay attention to details that one would not ordinarily notice as a member of the audience. I like to incorporate the “If…then…” clause when I pursue an activity. Doing so gives me the opportunity to think from various perspectives in order to interpret cause and effect. I practice these skills by listening to music, playing the violin and flute, doing embroidery, and casually analyzing films and novels.