Volunteer Work

Hospital Volunteer

Virtua Hospital, Marlton, NJ

Vista Medical Center East, Waukegan, IL

I volunteered in the Patient Care Units, ICU, and Volunteer Office. I had experience in seeing the organization of, and communicating about, volunteer events. I also developed an understanding of the perspectives of patients, technicians, nurses, and doctors as I responded to their immediate needs. Through interactions, I became more knowledgeable about medical terminology, equipment, and paperwork. The experience gave me an idea of what I could realistically expect in a hospital or other health-related setting.

Out-of-State Student Association/Admissions Volunteer

I have been involved in admissions events that are geared towards out-of-state students. I have met with students personally to give them advice from my own experiences and to share with them the resources that Stony Brook University has to offer. On several occasions, I have participated in admitted student virtual chats to do the same for those who cannot visit the campus. In doing so, I wanted to assure the admitted students that they would have resources to support them in their transition to the university.