Academic Peer Advising Internship

I have spent the past year as an intern in the Stony Brook University Academic and Transfer Advising Services office. In the process, I have enhanced my ability to actively listen to students’ concerns and respond with the most effective resources for support. I participated in several outreach events to guide students on the path towards graduation. In one outreach event, I organized and led a group of peer advisors in making a presentation about academic deadlines and determining student progress. We were successful in communicating with other students as we reviewed the general education courses that they had completed and those that were remaining before they could graduate. I gained experience in guiding students, as well, as a TA in ADV101.

Senior Academic Peer Advisor

I will be continuing the Academic Peer Advising Internship for the next year. I look forward to co-instructing a section of ADV101 so that I may be even more involved in mentoring incoming students. I will also be involved in the weekly seminars, during which I will guide the incoming academic peer advisors in understanding academic policies. At the same time, I will be supporting them through their experiences with students in the office and outreach events.


I am co-instructing ADV101 in the Fall 2014 semester.