or MOOCOWs as I like to call them (Massive Online Open Courses or Whatever)…  part of what I have been doing is getting last semester’s Intro to Computational Arts ready for a Spring redeploy.  Meg Schedel decided to break it into three separate sessions for the benefit of the broader audience, which I think will make it even more popular and have better retention rates. Not that 10% was shabby to begin with!  I’ve also started on a MOOC course shell for a Human Evolution class.

But – for something completely different, I’ve decided to enroll in a MOOC myself.  “Gamification” taught by Kevin Werbach from University of Pennsylvania.  I also enrolled in the Signature Verification Track.  Mostly to see how it works.  It is hosted in the same platform that we in SUNY use for MOOCs, Coursera.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 3.28.14 PM

2 thoughts on “On MOOCs

  1. Inspired by the MOOC panel at the IT Partners meeting and this blog post, I enrolled in the Gamification course this evening to get a feel for the workings of a Coursera MOOC. I am no stranger to online education, but the MOOC format is a little bit different than most online learning courses. This particular professor seems lively and I found the handful of lectures I watched interesting and entertaining. How do you like it so far?

  2. It seems good so far. The only thing that I am a tiny bit sad about is that is it so geared for the commercial aspects of gamification, rather than educational.

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