New Feature to Help Students Get Registered Correctly in TurningPoint

You may find that some of your students have not properly registered their clicker licenses (AKA Subscriptions) and others may not have successfully made an account at all with Turning.

An easy way for you to reach out to these students is to use the new email feature in TurningPoint.  To do this, launch the software, and go to the Manage tab.  Then, select your course on the left panel so it is highlighted.

in the upper right corner is the envelope icon.

On the top right, there will be a little envelope icon.  Click that, and it will give you options to reach out to your students.   Do not check the Clicker ID box as students using mobile devices will get a message telling them they need to add a clicker ID.  But, do check the Subscription and Create Account boxes and then click Send.  Students who need to just add a subscription will get instructions to do so, and students who need to create an account will get the appropriate instructions as well.

One thought on “New Feature to Help Students Get Registered Correctly in TurningPoint

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Have used this already and it seems pretty handy. Definitely saved me some time.
    The big problem this term has been clickers that students appear to have registered and licensed properly (they check out fine at the help desk) but whose scores are not posting to blackboard because the device ID does not match. Turning is working with these students one at a time. It seems to be a problem with used clickers, so I will tell students in the future to only buy a new clicker and to avoid Amazon because apparently some clickers advertised there as new are not new. The problem for the instructor is that these students need to self-identify as they are indistinguishable from students who are not participating (0 scores). Students need to be urged to check their scores on Blackboard after every session.

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