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Presenting at the 2015 Coursera Partner’s Conference

I just thought I would leave a note here that I will be doing a poster presentation at the beginning of March in Irvine at the 2015 Coursera Partner’s Conference.  I have never done a poster presentation before, but I am looking forward to the informal method of talking to other Coursera users.  My title will be “Is MOOCwork Ephemeral?” and will focus on how we used Digication portfolios to create a more permanent repository for the assignments within our Introduction to Computational Arts course (led by Dr. Margaret Schedel).

Here is a complete list of the presenters:


Coursera Partner’s Conference

Dr. Meg Schedel is over in London presenting for Stony Brook University at the Coursera Partner’s Conference.

Meg's selfie at our poster.
Meg’s selfie at our poster.

31 March – 1 April, 2014   |   London, England
Co-hosted by the University of Edinburgh and the University of London

The second annual Coursera Partners’ Conference brings together university officials, faculty members, instructional designers, program managers, technology specialists, and teaching support staff from across our partner organizations for two days of lively discussion about MOOCs, online and blended pedagogy, and emerging trends in higher education. It is intended to provide an opportunity for members of the Coursera community to learn from each other and share their experiences in designing, creating, and delivering MOOCs, and to discuss the rapidly transforming landscape in higher education.