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Open SUNY Summit

I’ve really enjoyed this conference in the past.  I find that the speakers are generally extremely well curated from the keynote circuit of this years best conferences.  If you, like me, haven’t gotten to attend many conferences, you should consider watching this event via the live stream.  There is no cost and no registration requirements.

Further information is provided here: http://opensunysummit2018.edublogs.org/mediasite/ 

including information for the ability to interact via https://www.slido.com/     and via twitter (#OpenSUNYsummit)

It starts tomorrow at 10:00 am (Weds Feb 28th)

Back from CIT in Geneseo

I’ve just gone to SUNY Geneseo for the annual Conference on Instruction and Technology.  Last year I went as a featured presenter, but this year I went just to take in the conference and visit the campus. The theme for the event this year was: Rising to Meet Our Challenges: Preparing for Global Success and the tracks supporting this subject were:

  • Scholarship of Teaching & Learning
  • 21st Century Learning Environments
  • The Open Educator
  • Access, Completion, and Success
  • Keeping the Lights On: Infrastructure & Support

I find it humorous that one of the most significant discussions I had while there was with another member of the SBU community (and TEDxSBU community) Anurag Purwar.  I think we had some interesting ideas for projects that we may be able to develop further together that will be really inspirational.  Look for more to come!

Also, I was able to connect with many SUNY individuals and some of the other campuses that are currently working on MOOCs. Networking definitely reigns supreme at CIT for me.

The keynote speaker Dr. Mark Milliron (Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer, Civitas Learning), was entertaining and informative. Amazing advising apps for students and campuses.